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Re: Ableton Live As A Live Looper

On Sep 13, 2004, at 4:04, soam wrote:

>>>  Also, can't you use an expression pedal for the pitch?
>> Sample and clip parameters can't be manipulated at all by external 
>> midi.That's too bad that these aren't controllable by MIDI. Is there 
>> any explanation for that?

No. It has been wished for many times at the Ableton forum. I also 
brought it up during the intensive beta testing of version 4 and many 
testers chimed in. But no feedback from Ableton were given. I got the 
impression that they simply have too much work already.

> It would also be extremely great to be able to have clips created by 
> themselves after one cycle of a loop is recorded.

But that feature is almost already there! In the preferences, go to the 
Misc tab and activate "Select Next Scene on Launch" and  "Start 
Recording on Scene Launch". Then assign a midi foot pedal to "Slect 
Scene" (or whatever it's called, the left of the symbols on the Master 
channel strip in the Session View). It's riight under the "Stop Clips" 
symbol but you only see it when in midi learn or midi key mode. You can 
also assign pedals to the up and down navigating function.