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Re: Ableton Live As A Live Looper

>>  Also, can't you use an expression pedal for the pitch?
> No. I thought I wrote that? Sample and clip parameters can't be 
> manipulated at all by external midi. But if you find a pitch plug-in 
> you can modulate the plug-in from an expression pedal. Live's Grain 
> Delay have a pitch parameter that can be controlled by a midi 
> expression pedal. But this plug-in is not designed for proper pitch 
> shifting and keeps adding its own sound to the audio. Maybe Chopitch 
> would sound better
> http://www.chopitch.com/

Well I don't think you mentioned specifically the "sample and clip 
parameters". You said you couldn't change the speed as well so I 
suppose I should have assumed you were talking about the previously 
mentioned parameters.

That's too bad that these aren't controllable by MIDI. Is there any 
explanation for that?

Anyone out there from Ableton reading this?

It would also be extremely great to be able to have clips created by 
themselves after one cycle of a loop is recorded.

>> Hmm...I'm gonna have to check this out. Something is up with Emagic 
>> EMI 2|6 audio interface along with Live. It was unusable in Live 2.
> Hmmmm.... well, it's USB. The fastest protocol for a sound card is PCI 
> (or PCMCIA as it's called for laptops). Then comes Firwire 800 (only 
> available on some Mac machines), then comes Firewire 400 and finally 
> comes USB, just a little bit slower than FW 400.

I tried it on my Echo Layla24 (PCI). I'm having recording latency 
problems with this interface as well. For example, if I record a click 
and play it back with regular click you can hear a delay.

In the preferences the latency compensation does add up to 0ms.

Tack igen. Kul att prata med en svensk.