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Re: Ableton Live As A Live Looper

On Sep 13, 2004, at 0:17, soam wrote:

> When recording a clip into Live Is there a way for the loop to start 
> playing right after you stop the recording?

Yes. If you open Live's preferences and set the default launch mode to 

> Can't you just use an external pedal such as the FCB1010 that I use 
> for the tap tempo?

Sure! Just assign the midi event sent from the pedal to the TAP button 
in Live. (Click on the "MIDI" button in the upper right conrner. Click 
the TAP button in the upper left corner. Step on your midi pedal. Click 
MIDI again to get out of midi learn mode)

>  Also, can't you use an expression pedal for the pitch?

No. I thought I wrote that? Sample and clip parameters can't be 
manipulated at all by external midi. But if you find a pitch plug-in 
you can modulate the plug-in from an expression pedal. Live's Grain 
Delay have a pitch parameter that can be controlled by a midi 
expression pedal. But this plug-in is not designed for proper pitch 
shifting and keeps adding its own sound to the audio. Maybe Chopitch 
would sound better

> Hmm...I'm gonna have to check this out. Something is up with Emagic 
> EMI 2|6 audio interface along with Live. It was unusable in Live 2.

Hmmmm.... well, it's USB. The fastest protocol for a sound card is PCI 
(or PCMCIA as it's called for laptops). Then comes Firwire 800 (only 
available on some Mac machines), then comes Firewire 400 and finally 
comes USB, just a little bit slower than FW 400.

> Tack så mycket.
> Erland

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