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Re: Mounting hardware

I use a pair of x-type keyboard stands
(one double braced for the heavier rack, the other a
lighter single-braced one) because I play standing up.
I have seen people use the same type of stand seated,
with their racks stuck diagonally in the V of the
stand. I had tried to use one of the platform stands
(like this one:
to hold both racks, but it was too wobbly for me, and
so it has replaced the stand I used to use to hold my
lap steel, flutes, slides, eBow, cello bow, capos,
microcassette player, walkie talkies, etc... The
pedalboards fit nicely under it, although it has kind
of created an interference for the Theremin that I
need to solve. 

In order to set up more quickly, I often use dolly
boards under the stands so that I can have my rig
partially set  up off to the side and then wheel it
into place. (These dolly boards are also used to roll
the gear that doesn't have its own wheels about during
load-in/out; they're carpeted plywood with 2" casters.
) I did modify the double-braced stand; the rack DOES
fit onto it at the correct height without the
modification, but it's right on the edge, and once
while setting it up I placed the rack about 3/4" off
center and it fell into the center of the stand
catching one of my fingers in the rack handle right
before I was about to play. (This is a 10 over 8 rack,
so it's fairly bulky, and it hurt, and I said words
not usually heard when the vicar comes to tea.) So
that stand now has a pivoting piece of carpeted
plywood on it, making it essentially a folding,
portable table which holds the rack and minimizes
fingernail blood blisters and expletives.


--- Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:

> I use an amp stand like this one:
> to hold a 6 space Road Ready rack in front of me.

> From: "Mark Hamburg" <mark_hamburg@baymoon.com>

> > I'm trying to re-configure my home studio.... 

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