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OT: Mounting hardware

I'm trying to re-configure my home studio. What I've discovered is that 
my existing A-fame Ultimate Support Systems keyboard stand works 
moderately well using the rails to hold rack mount equipment at a 
slight angle. Moderately well, but not great since that isn't what it's 
built for.

My goal is to have something where I can sit in the middle with my 
guitar and have equipment wrap around me within reasonable arm's reach.

What I'm realizing I think I want is something like a good drum rack 
but instead of mounting drums I want rack rails for mounting loopers, 
effects processors, synths, mixers, etc.. Does anyone make such a beast 
or the hardware to build one?

As a fallback, can one get real rack rails for something like a 
keyboard stand?


P.S. On the portable rig front, I'm looking at the SKB Mini Gig rigs. 
Any opinions? The specs make them sound heavy which lessens the 
attractiveness. I'd also like to find a good way to tilt them up so 
that I can have it on the floor and still readily see the equipment.