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Circular Logic In-Time, live midi clock sync possibilities

Are there any mac users with experience with Circular Logic "In-Time"
software? I'm also looking at KTDrum Trigger and Control Aid. 

I'm a guitarist, mac OSX user, and I want to be able to record audio
live onstage, store it in the computer, and play it back whenever I need
it during the song. 

That part seems easy enough, but I want to keep the tempo of the
recorded audio/midi/whatever in sync with the live performance of the
band onstage.

For example, the live band starts playing a song onstage without a click
track or any headphones, etc...

1- The software "listens" to the audio input from a mic or trigger on
the drum kit and interprets a tempo and creates a midi sync master

2- I hit a pedal to start recording, play a guitar part and then hit a
pedal again to store it for later playback. It's very important to me
that the recording in & out points are quantized automatically based on
the midi clock sync.

3- The band keeps playing... I want that original guitar riff back in
again on top of what is now happening later in the song.

4- I hit another pedal- the original riff comes back in perfect sync,
even though the band may have sped up or slowed down slightly. Whatever
needs to be done to the original riff (timequeezing, etc) happens

Would Ableton Live 4 be the best host for this scenario?

My drummer is incredibly gifted. His timing is killer. I want to have
the midi clock follow the live band in realtime.

Does this sound doable? Has anyone pulled this off already?

I crave some feedback, because I'm a guitarist, not a software engineer.
I know what I want to do, but I'm afraid there's a big, lonely

Thanks to all,

Griff Peters