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Live Looping Gig announcement in Zurich, Switzerland

"Conveyor Belt" Live-Looping Duo in concert at Lebewohlfabrik, Zurich,
Switzerland, September 18th.

If you can possibly make it, please come and check us out:

Bernhard Wagner: electric guitar, EDP, effects.
Andreas Holstein: violoncello, EDP.
Conveyor Belt: http://www.conveyor-belt.org (This time, it's music, no

Doors:     20:30 (That's 8:30 PM)
Concert:   21:00
Admission: CHF 12.-
Lebewohlfabrik: www.lebewohlfabrik.ch
Seefeld, Fröhlichstrasse 23, Zürihorn parking spot, trams 2 + 4, bus 33
Details (German): http://www.conveyor-belt.org/lebewohlGig.html

Please wear a Looper's Delight T-Shirt at the gig, so I can more easily 
you and offer you a drink ;-)