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UK gig spam - EMC

Hi all - I've put together a collective of musicians and visual artists (EMC) to perform at the Wirksworth festival in sunny Derbyshire this weekend. We will be generating much ambient loopage and glorious visuals in a continuous, evolving piece - from 10.00 till 5.00 Sat and Sun. We will be in the Moot Hall - a 200 year old court house and we will be using two 5200 lumen Beamers - it should be pretty impressive!
I've never tried anything quite like this before - especially attempting a constantly evolving 7 hour performance - I'll let you know how it works out.
It would be nice to meet up with some fellow loopers - please come and say hello.
Oh - and a recording of some of the Saturday performance will be projected into the Market Place that evening.
All the best,
Dave Sturt