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Re: since this list started

>>wow, Bryan has been one of the first 10 members of this list, 8 years 
>>how have you been?
>>you did not lurk all this time, did you?
>>whats your impression?
>>how did the list develop since then?

Brian answered very nicely (ten days ago, sorry) :

>I'm supposed to loop and record with the other members of 
>BrotherSync this week in pursuit of a 3rd CD's worth of trax.. we'll 
>see what transpires there.

oh, did it work out? did you use a EDP to brother with them? :-)

>Well nothing more loving/scathing was ever posted about the nature 
>of the LD list than the famous "Loser's Delete" post of years past,

wow, I had not read it then and found it nice, too.
but living on the other side with the instrument builders, I must 
alert that musical instruments always have been extremely limiting if 
you think of the universe of sounds and combinations of sounds 
existing. Musicians never came close to produce any sounds they 
imagine. So any instrument (including loop tools) are just a narrow 
tool the musician has to deal with. Sorry.

>My impression of the list is that over the past 8 years there has 
>been a steady flow of new loop hardware (mostly software) ,that is 
>constantly re-defining what the state of the art is in looping 
>technology. One of the results of this process in regards to the LD 
>list is that the people who are using new loop systems get very 
>involved in their move toward modern looping procedures and as a 
>result usually lose interest in the "retro" aspects of older loop 
>devices, which are all some people on the list are able or willing 
>to use anyway.

I would like to diferenciate between retro and basic here:
some old unit have their specific character like the sound 
deteriorisation with each repetition and tape speed regulation and 
such which can be inspiring and hard to reproduce. So some lovers of 
those feators may become frustrated with newer equipment.
there are very few basic functions that most looper tools share, 
mainly Record and Overdub and with those an amazing large variation 
of styles and huge sounds are possible. So I guess that the large 
mayority only uses those functions and may not find anything 
insteresting to discuss about them, so we dont meet them on this list.

>I believe the gap between users that arises as a result of this, 
>usually causes people to seek out a list that is more specific to 
>their looping device or platform of choice. The LD list is always at 
>its best when the context of the discussion is more music/sound/loop 
>in nature, rather than gear specific prattle.

I dont think there is a more specific list for the hardware loop 
tools exept for the Repeater, is there?
But yes, if we loose the contributions of the people using software, 
its a pity...

>Probably the single most notable milepost to mark the decline of the 
>wider loop thread presence on this list was the fallout from 
>9-11-01. I believe that some of the posts that appeared on the list 
>in the weeks following that event were signifigant in causing some 
>people to re-define their need to participate in this forum.

this is new for me! I remember there were a lot of emotions, but 
could they make people leave and not come back since?
also, if you look at the archive, the heavy drop of contributions was 
in september 03 only...  I just realize I also posted a lot less 
since then...

I see the need of gear info exchange, but what kept the list 
interesting for me was the talk about improv and personal 
experiences... but we probably could not go on with this forever... 
and hopefully we rather know now why we do what and really do it! :-)

>However I believe the list is still the best overall portal to begin 
>one's journey into the loop information experience, and I doubt if 
>I'll feel the need to  "uncircumsize" myself from it anytime 
>soon.But then again I haven't read any of the posts subsequent to 
>this one...so......thanx again for asking. How about you Matthias?

I am discovering voice as the most intuitive and flexible instrument.
besides, there is some magic quality to it.

I used to like to sing some bass lines in scool and in one song with 
and I like to sing in the care alone, but to sing alone on stage is 
very different, needs a lot more self confidence than hiding behind 
an instrument, so thats the challenge...

I also feel ashamed that in 25 years of playing music, I never made 
people dance...

>bryan helm


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org