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Re: syncing MPC1000+EDP

not really: with the first clock coming in, the EDP knows it will 
have to sync to something. then you can press Record immediately. 
then the end of the first bar arrives and the EDP know what time the 
Record has to be rounded to.
then you press the second Record and it will round...

>I realized after that posting - the EDP wants to see at least a bar 
>of incoming timecode before it interpolates the bar length. . .
>On Sep 9, 2004, at 12:35 AM, L. Angulo wrote:
>>oh i see, you are slaving the EDP where ive always
>>used it as my master, gotta try that although i was
>>never too happy with ths results...
>>ill get back to you and tell u how it went!


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