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RE: Adrenalinn help OT

Title: RE: Adrenalinn help OT

>> I got the PC adrenalinn editing suit 2.0 from the yahoo site to try and edit my preset quickly.  [snip] I have been trying to conect it to my computer via a cable that plugs into my joystick port at one end and has a midi in and out cable at the other, im using windows XP could anyone tell me why its not working? <<

sounds like you want to get the midi interface working first- do you have any other midi software on the PC that you could try with, say, a synth module, to get the midi interface established as working?

you might be better off, if you're going to use this software a lot- & I suspect I'll be investigating it myself as I too have upgraded from mk1 to mk2 adrenalinn- buying a simple 1x1 midi interface box that plugs into the usb on y'r PC. these seldom run to more than about $50.

I never got the joystick adaptor thing to work satisfactorily & I'm an engineer of 20 years working in broadcast & IT......



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