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EH 16 Second Delay question

Sorry for bothering you with things already discussed. I´m thinking of buying one of the reissues and I would like to know whether the 16SD is an active or a passive looper. I mean by "passive" that the looper can be connected to a group or aux out on the console and will loop continously once the loop length has been determined (like the Jamman or the EDP do in Delay mode). By "active" I mean a device that needs to be instructed any time I want it to record or overdub a previously defined loop (like the Repeater, the DL-4 loop recorder function or the Boss RC-20 do). I prefer having passive loop devices around that allow me to spontaneously run stuff into them for creating random loops, I don´t really need phrase samplers. Is the 16SD just another phrase sampler with some added bells and whistles, or is it also usable like an EDP in delay mode?
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