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Re: questions to EDP Loop IV Sysex specialists

>This are some questions for EDP Loop IV Sysex specialists (EDP manual p.
>11-3 ff)

gee, you made me look at that dusty code again...

>1. How do I calculate the memory size with these 3 bytes?
>    When I send a INFO_REQUEST, I get:
>    f0 00 01 30 0b 00 01 01 01 3f 6e 07 f7
>    The bytes 3f 6e 07 are supposed to represent the memory size.
>    (((3f * 100) + 6e) * 100)+ 07 = 44295)
>    Shouldn't this be approx. 16 MB (16777216) ?

it puts out a number of blocks of 64 samples
and according to the rest of MIDI, they are 7 bit Hex values

>    When I send a LOCAL_PARAM_REQUEST for the currently selected preset
>    (encoded as 7F, see manual p.11-9) the EDP reboots for certain
>    combinations of 'from' and 'length', e.g.:
>    F0 00 01 30 0B 7F 01 12 01 02 7F F7
>                            00 02
>                            00 03
>                            06 01
>    Anyone else encountered this?

no, and I am not set up to test it...
as it looks, any preset number bigger than 16 is set to 0 which is 
the actual, so you should be ok with 7F.
maybe you should not set from=0 since it does not exist as you note below?
maybe device ID should not be 7F? Seems we had some trouble with some 
sampler so I usually tested with 0...
else it looks ok what you do, no idea...
so with other combinations of from and length it works?

>    Manual p. 11-5 lists the indexes for local parameters starting with 1
>    What is stored in parameter 0 then?

nothing probably, dont remember why we did not want to numerate from 0

>4. Claude Voit's http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/echoplex/EDP_ADA.zip
>    I tried this with the demo version of SoundDiver 3.0 but it doesn't
>    seem to recognize the file. Anyone managed to use it? What version of
>    SoundDiver?

I used it on the mac with V2.1 and it was fine... Claude?

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