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Re: syncing MPC1000+EDP

I have been loading the MPC w/ custom samples from a library built up 
over the last few years. All the samples get put in programs and 
anything I want looping gets put into a sequence w/ the appropriate 
tempo. MIDI from MPC to EDP w/ switch quantize on the EDP turned to 8th 
aside from the occasional glitch (software freakiness w/ loop IV?) 
everything syncs fine.

>  EDPs nummeric tempos

Umm you should have the SYnc switched to IN, so the EDP's internal 
tempo is bypassed and it receives MIDI clock.

as far as drum sounds:
it uses .wav files - there are A LOT of sounds out there. I just made a 
new drum kit from hitting the side of the MPC w/ my hand and micing it. 
Somthing about that plastic slapping sounds real good!
good luck.
On Sep 8, 2004, at 4:42 AM, L. Angulo wrote:

> Geremy i have the EDP synced to my new
> MPC1000,although trying to sync loops with my EDP is
> sometimes not very intuitive,specially when the loops
> donīt exactly match the EDPs nummeric tempos.Drum
> programs work much better where i can do multiplys,
> slow the grooves etc.
> any links to new cool drum programs for the MPC1000
> would be appreciated!
> Cheers
> Luis
> --- Jeremy Goody <theman@balanceman.com> wrote:
>> HMM.
>> I wonder how many of us have very similar setups:
>> Eventide eclipse + EDP pro+ in a rack w/ a crappy
>> behringer mixer on
>> top.
>> AKAI MPC 1000 and a cheapo Casio on the next shelf
>> down.
>> Moogerfooger MURF and control for the EDP on the
>> ground.
>> Microphone and a bass guitar (when I'm feeling
>> ambitious).
>> sound familiar?
>> BTW:
>> http://www.cdbaby.com/balanceman
>> check out my new CD - Oakland represent (yo)!
>> On Sep 7, 2004, at 12:31 PM, Rainer Thelonius
>> Balthasar Straschill
>> wrote:
>>> Dear fellow loopers,
>>> just want to let the Eclipse users who didn't
>> already check it out
>>> among you
>>> know that the new software version 3.0 now offers
>> MIDI clock output.
>>>     Rainer
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