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Re: Bought some listmembers CD's :-)

Andre Lafosse? He's great, like my hero Buckethead only more coherent :-)

 Andre's 1999 CD "Disruption Theory" is inspirational. I've been spinning 
it silly for 4 years now. Makes me want to practice more. (We share a 
tendency to solo in these oddly-placed clusters of five, although in 
matters of technique, I am not worthy to change his guitar strings.) When 
I bought "Disruption" from cdbaby.com, Andre was very gracious and free 
with his gear secrets. Some time down the road, I tried to reach him 
again, on and off for a couple of years now, but that boy just don't 
answer his e-mail no mo'. 

BTW, David Torn's "Tripping Over God"is stunning, as are his droll 
instructional videos. I saw him with B.L.U.E. at the now-defunct Harvard 
Square House of Blues and he delivered, along with bandmates Bruford, 
Levin, and Botti. David used a saltshaker mike to get a feedback loop 
going, played electric oud, and just generally "kicked it," although I 
remember it being a tad more restrained than his fuzz-drenched solos on 
"Tripping Over God." He was probably trying to be a team player...bonus 
points for that.

One more great axeman who sometimes employs loops is Tommy Osuna. Keep an 
eye out for that boy. One listen and you can tell he's seen "it"...the 
indefinable "it"...