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Bought some listmembers CD's :-)


Spent some paypal money at CD Baby and found, among other things, two 
nice CDs from members of this list:
1 of: KRISPEN HARTUNG: places
1 of: STEVE LAWSON: grace and gratitude

It was cool to listen to Krispens guitar looping after reading here on 
the list about the set-up used for the recording. And I must say that 
Steve Lawson's record was nice! Much better (according to my taste) 
than I had been thinking from downloading clips at his site, although I 
wanted to buy it anyway :-)  Here's a quick question for Steve, if 
you're reading this mail: The lfo filter heard on most tracks, is that 
the MPX-G2?

I was also looking for records by Tom Heasley but couldn't find any at 
CD Baby. And this week I heard about Jair-Rohm's new release. Too bad 
my money ran out so quickely! I'll get back on that by the next royalty 
period (as well as donating a little more to the list).

In the past I have also acquired excellent CD's from Francois Lebrun, 
Matthias Grob, Rick Walker, Andreas Willers, Ted Killian and Andre 
Lafosse. I'm finding this type of indie releases way more exciting than 
most major record label releases! But that's not going to stop me from 
buying Björk's album as soon as I can put money aside ;-)

All the best

Per Boysen