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Miles, Bjork

> How refreshing to hear someone who thinks In a
> Silent Way kicks bootay on
> Bitches Brew.

Bill Laswell's Panthalassa is really amazing in
weaving together this track with a lot of other
Miles Davis tunes.

Also, on the Bjork discussion, I see it both
ways. I love her work, and yet, a lot of it is
not what I reach for when I want to hear
something that's going to move my soul. However,
the "all is full of love" track from homogenic is
very moving, as well as a Scandinavian folk tune
she sings on Hector Zazou's songs from the cold
seas. She's done some beautiful work over the
years. I actually can't wait to hear this new
record because I want to hear what she's doing
with an all-vocal album. Sometimes I enjoy what
she does with her voice more than her brilliant
electronic wizardry. And I do respect that

Mary Jane