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RE: Stereo EDPs and Timing Drift

hi Kris

>Hi Kim, LD Group -
>I am not using any other MIDI devices with my two EDP+s. Here is a
>detailed look at my settings and connections, plus the results of a
>basic test.
>- Two identical model EDP Plus units (purchased new two months ago)
>- Both Units connected via a stereo 1/4" cable between the BrotherSync
>- One MIDI cable running from the MIDI OUT of unit A to the MIDI IN of
>unit B
>- I am controlling unite A via a white Echoplex Digital Pro controller
>pedal (also bought new a few months ago) that connects to unit B via a
>standard 1/4 inch cable

you mean the controller is just connected to unit A surely?

>- Both units have Sync set to Out
>- Both units have ControlSource set to Controllers
>The slight delay does not occur immediately after recording a phrase,
>but appears slightly several repeat phrases later. The drift occurs and
>begins to increase gradually.
>I am running a basic test now. I just played and recorded a single
>sequence of notes and I'm letting it loop back  The time displays on the
>two units appear to be in sync as well.  1 minute later, the playback is
>starting to exhibit the delay slightly, then it inceases gradually (the
>...back 5 minutes later...drift still increasing. I stopped the loop,
>hitting pause, started again, and the delay is gone.
>Back five minutes later...drift is back.
>I switched the MIDI and foot controller pedal connections between unit A
>and B
>5 minutes later...drift is back. Switched out the stereo 1/4 brother
>sync cable with a different cable. Started a new loop.
>5 minutes later....massive drift...10 minutes later, more drift.

oh :-(
really sounds like a hardware problem.


In the meantime, if you need a workaround forget the brothersync, and
set the slave EDP to Sync=In

It's not perfect, you'll hear some timing differences between
the 2 machines.
...but they don't drift further apart,
...and it's phase accurrate 90% of the time.

andy butler