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Re: In Praise of Taking Risks with Artistry

     To bring this back to the world of Looping, I use my Repeater all the 
time in my live
keyboard improvisations.  Though most people (even on this list) would be 
hard pressed to hear the
looping that is going on.  Sometimes it's just me playing the same thing 
over and over (not using
the Repeater), other times the loop is so long that the sense of loop is 
lost.  I find the
Repeater to be an incredibly useful tool in the production of my music.  I 
don't consider myself a
Looper because I don't rely on specific tools to make my music.  I'm just 
as happy with an
acoustic piano (as long as it is fine quality... :)

     In other news, I saw Bjork's film "Dancing in the Dark" by Lars Von 
Trier last weekend (at
home on my DVD player).  The handheld camera work made me seasick (or 
perhaps more like carsick)
after 30 minutes.  It was kinda hilarious.  I had to stand up and move to 
the back of the room or
go lie down on the couch for the duration, I just couldn't keep up with 
the choppy movement.  Very
good film and I especially enjoyed that Bjork was never made to look 
terribly pretty in the film. 
Talk about the experimental style just not doing it for me!!!


>>>In my opinion, when listening to music it's the end result, and not the
process that created it, that is most important.

I know there are cases when/where the process is the art, but then I would
offer this is true ONLY when the process is available to be witnessed as

David Kirkdorffer<<<

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