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re: bjork's new CD)

Title: re: bjork's new CD)
(when some of them would use the excuse "It's been done." Pauline would invariable respond, "Yes, but you haven't done it.")
Great! Yes, I tell people "you could stuff you piano with hay and christmas ornaments and rest an electric guitar on it plugged into a string of Fender Twins, and have a trio of aluminum-foil-clad maidens dance on same, only to have someone older/wiser happen by and say something like "feh....so-and-so did that back in '61."   "Good" is what finally counts. As we've said earlier, "different" is noble, but in and of itself not enough.
What all musicians need to avoid is pulling a Jimmy Page on somebody (e.g., stealing "Dazed and Confused," words and all, from Jake Holmes, putting your own name on it, and making a bazillion dollars off of your admittedly well-done version...other examples are too numerous to expound upon here). I should say at this point that I worship Pagey but I'd never show him one of *my* songs (LOL).