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re: bjork's new CD)

Hey Rich,

How refreshing to hear someone who thinks In a Silent Way kicks bootay on
Bitches Brew.
All the critiques hold the latter up as ground breaking work, but I really
think that In A Silent Way is
much the better record and breaks the same ground more successfully (and

I hear you about just kicking back and ENJOYING the music!    I heartily
support you in that endeavor.
I occasionally pull out my 1st David Crosby record or Happy Sad by Tim
Buckley or Veedon Fleece by
Van Morrison and just let it wash over me without a 'groundbreaking' 
in my head.

Looking forward to meeting you and your wife at Y2K4 and I dig Helmet too,
by the way..............just haven't listened to
their last stuff.   Bring some for me to 'edumacate' me!   <grin>

and to Richard Zvonar:

 viz a vis your post about former all vocal pop and avante garde CDs:

I didn't mean at all to imply that I was being groundbreaking in a cultural
sense with my CD and want to disabuse anyone
of that notion immediately.    I really meant that I was being
groundbreaking for MYSELF by attempting to do something
so audacious (I've not been a vocalist, after all and there are the
incredible peeps like AmyX, PamelaZ, Whoolielicious, etc.
that are in our own tiny scene who can 'kick my ass' both innovatively and

I really was musing about taking on new things as a positive artistic

Please forgive if I gave the wrong impression.

And thanks for all the mentions of past innovators.    LOL, I felt guilty 
the time, but I hated Todd Rundgrens' all vocal CD...........and I was a
huge fan.     Meredith Monk on the other hand!  Whew!!!!!