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New dreamSTATE Ambient Installation

For those of you in Ontario and nearby Provinces or States,
there's a new installation to experience. For those of you
farther away - a new mp3 to from the installation to download...

Definitely not "live looping" but there's seven stereo CD systems
looping separate soundscapes (of different lengths, related by key)
in seven spaces within the gaol. The central corridor has an
interesting mix of the soundscapes from most of the rooms.


Last week dreamSTATE mounted the soundscape system for
the new "Bread & Water" multimedia installation within the Huron
Historic Gaol in Goderich Ontario. Based on "Moon Sea Crossing",
a collection of poems by Lynn Harrigan, this collaborative
installation relates the true story of Aina, an Irish woman who
immigrated to Canada with her husband and children in 1846.
Aina suffered a breakdown shortly after her arrival in Huron County
and was incarcerated at the Gaol, as there were no mental
institutions at that time and place. Poems, music, paintings
and photographs throughout the Gaol explore a variety of themes,
including mental illness, displacement, hunger, grief & Irish folklore.

For this installation, dreamSTATE has created seven new
soundscapes to support the emotions of Harrigan's poetry.
Installed in various spaces within the Historic Goal, these
soundscapes represent the stages of Aina's journey to
Canada, to Stanley Township and eventually within the Gaol.
dreamSTATE will later be releasing a CD of these pieces
titled "PASSAGE" - which is currently available only at the Gaol.

Click the link(s) below to stream or download an mp3 of
"Stone and Sky" - music created for the Gaol courtyard
where inmates could stretch and see the sky again.
LoFi - http://www.dreamstate.to/play/stone_and_sky_64.m3u
HiFi - http://www.dreamstate.to/play/stone_and_sky_128.m3u

The "Bread & Water" Installation runs daily from August 28th
to October 24th within the Huron Historic Gaol in Goderich,
a very lovely town on the shore of Lake Huron in Ontario.
For more information on the Gaol and "B&W" installation visit:
and information about Goderich and various places to stay is
available at http://www.town.goderich.on.ca/restaurants.html

Photos from the live performance with Lynn Harrigan and cellist
Laura Jean McCann at the opening event for the "Bread & Water"
installation at http://www.dreamstate.to/events.htm

Scott M2


Information on poet Lynn Harrigan at