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Re: Bjork's new cd MEDULLA...

Title: Re: Bjork's new cd MEDULLA...

Haven't heard this yet (Tower Records had a big poster for it in their window but I couldn't find the CD anywhere in the store).

Techno a capella has popped up from time to time over the years, with various degrees of success. Even Todd Rundgren did one (the 1985 "A Capella" LP now reissued on Rhino).

Many avant garde vocalists have made pieces entirely from vocal material (Joan La Barbara, Tamia, Diamanda Galas, et al). Some of the material is looped, some not. Some of it is heavily processed, some not. It's all worth a listen.

yeah, good stuff...and dont forget sf local voxer:
(saw her @ exploratorium here in the city awhile back and she was loopin like crazee.)