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Stereo EDPs and Slight Timing (I've made the recommended settings, etc)

I know this topic has probably been beaten into the ground on previous
threads, but I've searched for past threads, read the EDP+ manual (page
2-9 on Stereo operation and page 6-7 on BrotherSync), made those
settings on my unit, and I still get a slight timing drift on occasion.
The timing doesn't get continuously worse over time; rather it just
diverges to the point to where it sounds like I'm running a 50MS delay
on my guitar. 

I have the units connected with a MIDI cable, plus I have a new stereo
1/4 inch cable between the two brother sync connections. I have
ControlSource NOT set to off (I think I'm using the Controllers setting
on both), and both Synch parameters set to Out. Both units are set

Are there any tricks that I need to know about to avoid the timing
issue, other than what is in the manual? It's rather annoying. Is the
MIDI connection unnecessary when I'm using BrotherSync?

Krispen Hartung

Kris Hartung 
http://www.krispenhartung.com http://artist.amazon.com/krispenhartung