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Re: Sort of OT: Bjork's new cd MEDULLA... and looping?

Talking about Björk, I´m quite sure the acapella version of "All is full of
love" off her "Homogenic" album is done entirely with a looper of some kind
like Jamman or Plex.

Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten is also credited as using a Jamman
on the last Neubauten albums. To my knowledge he even does lecture trips
where his spoken word performances get some serious live-looping 


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Subject: Sort of OT: Bjork's new cd MEDULLA... and looping?

> This is semi off topic, but Bjork's new cd is pretty kick ass.  I'm 
> sure it's 100% vocal (Rick! You got some competiton).  She's joined by
> extrordinaire/Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Fantomas/Tomahawk frontman Mike
> Patton, human beatbox virtuosos Rahzel and Dokaka, Inuit throat singer
> Tagaq, two different choirs, and a host of other artists/producers.  If
> get a chance I highly recommend checking this album out.
> Now, for the pseudo looping content, the fifth track, "Oll Birtan", at
> sounds like Bjork with a looper.  It starts with her singing a syllable
> which repeats and she layers on more and more sounds with her voice.
> Probably not done live, but interesting nonetheless.
> Can't recommend this album enough.
> js
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