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Re: Behring FCP1010 - Ableton Help please

On Sep 4, 2004, at 19:46, soam wrote:

> Can someone send me a sysex for the 1010?  Setting it up seems quite 
> annoying. A template for Live would be great too. Tips on how you use 
> the board with Live would be interesting to hear.
> Thanks much,
> erland

I agree with The Toy Room that you should really set up your Live 
software after your FCB instead of the other way around. See his 
excellent description! I don't know what you want to do with Live but, 
anyway, here's a tip for one way to use Live 4. I'm mostly into looping 
live audio of my instrument playing (sax and guitar) and I don't like 
the static way you have to loop in Live. So I'm using the OSX AU 
software plug-in Augustus Loop in Live4 with Live 4 as host 
application. I use two instances of the plug-in for looping and in one 
FCB1010 bank I keep the FCB midi expression pedals for controlling 
"delay feedback" of those two loops. So by using Augustus Loop instead 
of recording Live clips I can overdub layers and layers into a loop and 
keep changing the loop while it's playing back. In other banks I 
control pitch or length of the Augustus loops from the FCB, and some 
other stuff... ;-)  Here's how it can sound:  

Lately I have developed a second set-up that uses midi clips in Live 4 
sending (over the IAC bus in Panther) beat synced trigger signals to a 
gate where my audio instrument input is tapped into the looping 
plug-in. From buttons on my FCB pedal I can then chose if the loop of 
my audio input will be sliced into 16ths, triads or whatever. I have a 
live session view track full of "beat sync gate midi clips" and they 
are all set to "legato mode" and locally quantized to 8ths (while the 
global quantize in Live is set to one bar). By this fix I can change 
the beat sync of the gate while playing and build a loop with different 
rhythms layered on top of each other.

A general tip is to play around with the effects in Live and decide on 
which ones that sounds cool and the way you want to use them to make 
music. Then check out how you can manipulate the effect dynamically to 
have fun and simply assign some buttons/pedals of your FCB1010 to those 
parameters. As an example there are at least a dozen ways to use the 

Good luck with exploring Live 4 and the FCB1010!

All the best

Per Boysen