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RE: Behring FCP1010 - Ableton Help please

Sorry to be antagonistic,  but Ableton Live is so flexible and can be
used in such a multitude of ways, how could someone make a 'template'
for you that you would be happy with?  Are you a live looper?  With
audio or midi?  Do you want to trigger clips with pedal pushing, or
engage fx?  Do you work in Session mode or Arrangement mode?  See what I

Plus, Live implements midi commands by a 'learn' feature, rather than
being hardcoded with specific midi commands.  Therefore, you don't
really need to program the 1010.  Just hit the Midi button at the top
right, select which function you want to control, and then hit a pedal
on the 1010.  The command that the 1010 is sending will pop up in the
box you have selected in Live.  Hit the midi key again to get out of
that mode.   Now, hit the pedal on the 1010 and it's commanding the
function you selected.

I'm just starting to implement my 1010 into Ableton Live.  Right now
it's a simple interface to control a few midi tracks.  The top row of
pedals on the 1010 engage the 'arm record' button on the midi track, and
the bottom row of pedals triggers a midi clip to record.

So, I can arm midi track one with pedal 6, start recording a clip with
pedal 1, hit pedal one again at the end of the loop and it begins
looping.  Hit 6 again to disengage the record arm button.  Hit pedal 7
to arm midi track 2.  Hit pedal 2 to record a clip on midi track 2.

I have the same type of setup for midi tracks 3 and 4.  This allows me
to freely record four different loops/passages with different sounds, as
each midi track is connected to a Reason NNXT sound module via Rewire,
and the Reason Audio is coming back in to Live via an audio track.

Good luck with your setup in Live.
Live 4 absolutely rocks.



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Can someone send me a sysex for the 1010?  Setting it up seems quite 
annoying. A template for Live would be great too. Tips on how you use 
the board with Live would be interesting to hear.

Thanks much,


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