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Re: Using NVidia GFX card for audioprocessing...

On Sep 3, 2004, at 13:01, Bernhard Wagner wrote:
> While we're poking at new frontiers, this one left me flabbergasted:
> http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2004/08/31/livecode.html
> (For frenetic perl hackers fed up with GUIs ;-))
> Bernhard

Hi Bernhard & Co,

Not being a programmer myself this article came out a bit cryptic, 
although at the same time interesting. Stuff like "the running code can 
edit its own source code" left me in a Sense Of Wonder almost similar 
to experiencing a good Sci Fi novel ;-)

This part had me nodding while reading:

"Polyrhythms are wonderful to play with but largely absent from 
commercial dance music. You can see one reason for this absence by 
looking at consumer music software -- while such pieces of software are 
obsessed with loops, they don't make it very easy for you to mix loops 
with different time signatures together. Writing our own code brings us 
freedom from such constraints, and you can really hear that freedom in 

The very reason that musicians like myself, too lazy to learn about 
programming, take the shortcut by hooking up multiple looping devices 
(global master tempo sync combined with local sync reference off-set)