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i put all of my LD cds. into my puter and listen to them randomly all the time, GARY REGINA, MAX V, RICK WALKER, and B K FRESNO, TED KILLION and the list goes on, i got most of these CDs at either LOOPSTOCK or Y2K events where i had the wonderful opportunity to hear these fantastic musicians.....DO YOURSELF A GREAT BIG FAVOR, make every effort to be at Y2K4 this year, you got over a month to get it together.....the people are a bit weird.....:).....but the music and the learning are excellent.....now if i only had  some of that fine STANITARIUM SURF MUSIC in my machine, whoo! but ALAS the only way to experience the TUSNAMI of STANITARIUM is to be present at the fest!.....i can't wait.....michael