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Tias VST liveLooping plugin update..

Well i don't know what to call it yet but it's slowly getting there. ;)

I'm still working on the little bugger and hopefully i can get a proper PC
beta for people to test soon. *hooooope*
Untill then, here's a little something i did while working on the plugin


You might notice form this mp3 that i'm pretty in to soundscapes, the mix
isn't the best on earth but that's simply cause i'm using headphones and
this was just a quick take while i was testing the functions in the plugin.
So all music except the drums is just a plucked string vst-synth sent into
the Looping Plugin and then i change loop lengths and use the built in
VCF-filter to fade things into the backround.

Btw, the bpm is 137 just to show that the plugin never goes out of sync, 
loops just keep on looping. Only time the music went out of sync was at 4
minutes or so when i "multiplied" the loop from 4 bars to 7 bars. hehe.. 
that's the beauty of livelooping, you're bare naked with your mistakes. ;)

The VST host was Ableton Live 4 .. which i loooooooove.