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RE: DFX-94 On/Off problems

Answering machine! Excellent!
I will check for dirty pots, and stop trying to run it on batteries. In
retrospect, the bad behavior (starting the loop before I actually press the
pedal) started when I thought I could experiment with running it on
batteries...after all these years you'd think I'd know better!
I usually use either my Dunlop Juice Box or my much-lighter Godlyke
switching power supply. Harmony Central folks do mention that it's really
hard to use for precise loops and best for ambient pads, which is just what
I use it for...groovy backgrounds to solo against.
I can't see using this to do what Roger Miller and his EH 16-sec delay did
on "Elemental Guitar." (GREAT DISC! Buy it now!)
Thanks for your thoughts.