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RE: broken FP02

No, it's not just you...the times *are* nuts. Regarding Zoom, since my beloved 505 is getting increasingly hissssssssssssy (too noisy for going direct to Fostex at my noise gigs), I'm going to have to bite the bullet and really learn my Zoom 2100 and its user-hostile op system. (It's been largely idle since I bought it in '99...it cries "you never take me anywhere!")
Either that or buy a parametric to notch out the hiss? Is it worth the trouble?
Yeah, I, too am a contradiction, tone-wise: I  care deeply about my tone (e.g., I don't skimp on cables, I use a DOD Bi-FET buffer preamp at the front of my ever-changing signal chain, and my Vox Nova has THE clean-with-attitude tone),  but because I like sonic exploration just as much as I like shimmering "Greek Ideal" tone, I find myself in luv with tone-sucking "fake-bypass" digital pedals like the Zoom, where the signal gets sent through cheap converters even while in so-called bypass. Time for a true-bypass box from www.loooper.com (no typo) or equivalent...as soon as I get a full-time job that allows me to spend money on gear without feeling like a schmuck!  
BTW, Boss pedals are such lo-fi bypass (esp. my beloved SD-1, "Cippollina in a box") that I'm not buying any more Bosses than what I've got,and I will have to put them in a loop someday soon.
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