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broken FP02

after screwing around with a broken expression pedal for my mighty zoom 2100 for about 2 years, it kinda worked.....i got a new one today.....oh happy day.....i am so goofy, i claim to care about my tone but i never change my strings and when i do i go crazy for how good it sounds, i wait over 2 years to get this pedal, my rang has a broken aux out, what is that doing i wonder?.....well that one forced me to split the line out and it works quite nicely i might add but now i'd love to split the aux out and then send that to two different places.....it's the simple things, or what is the expression "G*D IS IN THE DETAILS".....:).....i better play a gig soon, i'm going kindanutz.....are these times crazy or is it just me?.....:).....michael