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Alesis Bitrman

Hey Loopers! After 4 years of looping, it's good to finally join this list.

I'd like to add to Mr. Kirkdorffer's comments regarding the lovely Alesis 
I am enjoying mine immensely, as it's basically "Subotnik In A Box." Yeah,
you can emulate the sounds in the OHM 3-CD boxed set! 

Here is an incredibly flexible little box that can totally derange your 
sound, turning
it into something akin to early electronic music...add some delay and 
you've got
"Forbidden Planet"! 
And modern sounds are here, too: To pick just one example, I'd always 
wanted to 
get that robotic modem-dialing sound, and now it's possible. 

Also, it's the most musical-sounding ring modulator besides the $400 
boutique jobs,
and it's going for beer money at Musician's Friend. (Just make sure to 
your box if you buy one...mine blew up and Alesis replaced it free.)

Speaking of Ring Mods (I own 4), anyone wanna buy a DOD Gonkulator? Exc. 
cond. in
box w/manual, $150 o/b/o. Purple metalflake w/ lurid green and yellow 
accents. True,
there may be better, more flexible ringmods out there...this is for 
collectors who
like rare. weird pedals. (For example, a Honda Civic is a more competent 
car than
an MG, but which would you rather cruise around in? If you choose
the MG, this may be the pedal for you.)

Also, my DOD DFX94 looper is experiencing on-off difficulties...any DFX94 
who can shed some light on this? I've got a Zoom Player that can loop but 
it's just
not as intuitive and frankly I'm a little afraid of it ;-)

Yours in Sound,
Tim Mungenast