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RE: EDP displays n id

I was trying to sync to an external midi clock, using the instructions in
example 4.1.

The master is a synth, playing several layered arpegiated patches, like a
bass line, an electronic piano, and it plays for awhile, after it's
recorded, and then stops.  It might just me an overload?



It sounds to me like it might be the midi error message. It would do that
when there is some problem with midi data it receives. Are you using midi?



At 06:26 PM 8/28/2004, you wrote:
>what does it mean when the EDP displays something that looks like an n, 
>then id and stops recording or play back?  it goes away when I push the 
>Parameter button, but comes back on after a while  I tried to find it 
>in the manual, but no luck.

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