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Zurrigo's comments about the offtopic offendies

Zurrigo wrote (after reading the posts below),

why don't you go *** some where else?

Hey Zurrigo,

I don't know  how long you've been on this list, but it is a list that is
frequently filled with sarcasm and humor.
Monica's and Bill's posts are not serious.

They are decidedly off topic but this is an unmoderated list (even though
Kim has been asked  a few times to moderate it and he has
very wisely declined to do so).

Both of these people are serious contributors to the community.    Bill is
one of the most knowledgeable and experienced live loopers on the planet
(and I don't feel in the slightest nepotistic saying this, despite the fact
that he is my brother) and much can be gleaned from his postings if one is
open minded.

If the humor is just too off topic for you, I can appreciate it.  I'd just
suggest that you just delete any of the topics in this thread so that it
doesn't bug you.   I do this frequently with many of the threads that don't
interest or even bug me.

We are a really supportive and friendly community here and I think it's 
to allow for a little latitude in the postings here.  It's okay to lighten
up a little bit and cut folks some slack.

Yours, with respect,   Rick Walker    aka L()()p.p()()L

p.s.  How's looping in Switzerland, by the way?   Have you connected with
the fine looper Claude Voit yet?   He's incredible.

Monica wrote:

     Posing is tedious. What music of real compositional aesthetic
sophistocation     and/or compelling primal/erotic/supernatural intensity
has this man ever produced?
He's a teeny-bopper corporate rock icon. Now add to that a Prince wanna-be.
I'm not impressed. As an emerging guitar player myself one day I will smoke
him -
why? because I'm not about posing, but paying my dues and learning real
and I'll never sell my soul for MTV but nourish it and make superior music.
I won't even come on the scene for about another maybe 3 years till I've 
it so tight
that it hurts and more likely in the European sphere where art and not
corporate excess is still the essence of music. I don't care much for retro
80s flying v's either. The guitars I'm about to produce in conjunction with
2 of the finest European guitar companies will smoke that too. Prepare...
one day soon I'm gonna show everybody how it's done!

PS>Re: off-topic, I had assumed a discussion of a LOOP STATION was indeed
      relevant to looping. As was discussion of any tools relevant to
enhance the music
      contained in those loops. I found this forum valuable for all the
      technical info. I'd received in response to various ?s and at times
tried to return
      that with info. I had. My apologies...

William Walker <billwalker@looppool.info> wrote:
But Monica.
Lenny Kravitz is a rock star, , he is obligated to pose, and pout, and 
his finger any chance he gets. It is the rock star way.  When he was at 
Star Academy (I should know, as we were roommates), Lenny graduated, tops 
his class, and was named the school's "Most Rockinist " in a near unanimous
decision. Ok, I did receive two sympathy votes from a couple of female tuba
players, who could tell by my receding hairline, and shy demeanor that my
rock star days were numbered. Count me in on the contest, or better yet
don't buy at MF, and get it locally if you can.

By the way, what is it about the tonebone that you like, have you tried it 
What else have you tried to compare it to?  I've heard good things about
their stuff but as of yet haven't had the chance to get my mits anything.
is this too OT?

[William Walker]

 -----Original Message-----
From: Monica [mailto:coolintensity@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2004 4:59 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Switchbone/Loopbone

I'm soon to order that Hot Brit Tonebone and just now perusing the MF
catalog, I see a couple new 'Bone products that may be of interest
here...Someone here was asking about switcher boxes, to combine and shift
between double amps or cabs- they have both with either the Cab-Bone 
switcher or the ProSwitchbone amp switcher.
Also now the Loopbone, a master loop controller. Check it out...
    However I'm most reluctant to order from MF at the moment for fear that
I'll be the
winner of the Meet Lenny Kravitz/free concert tix promo. This set-up of
Kravitz here
looking alot like an imitation of a young Prince and sitting naked in what
looks like either red paint or blood with his flying v is most unappealing!
If I win I'm going to hold a contest
right here to pass on my creepy unwanted winnings...



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Do you Yahoo!?
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