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RE: Music box sounds

You're probably right about the bell sound, Bill.  The Fantom S has several
patches for music boxes under it's bell category.  There's also some music
box pads that sound real cool.

If I remember, someone was writing to the list about sounds for babies.
These can be great soothing sounds to put anyone to sleep, esp. if done
layering with the EDP.

However, they work well with grunge also.  I did some looping with the 
boxes, and used a digerro for the bass line, with some hip hop rhythm
patterns.  Maybe today's kids would like that better :)


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I use a technique with the DL4 where I record my loop at half speed and 
switch to normal speed, which doubles the speed of the loop and raises the
pitch by an  octave. I've dubbed the net result "music box guitar" as it
sounds like that to my ears. ) I would assume any other instrument looped 
this fashion would render a similar effect. and both the boomerang and the
EDP can do this technique, I believe.  If I was using a synth. I'd probably
pick a bell sound. and pitch it up and octave.