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Guitar thru xover into bass amp?

I've thought about the on vs. off topic nature of this question, and I've decided that it's on topic enough to be worthy of consuming a few LD bytes.
I'd like to hear anyone's experiences with running a line level guitar signal (I can adjust -10, or +4 db) into an active crossover, and then into a traditional bass amp (or perhaps into a powered PA subwoofer of some type).  I figure this is a subject that at least *some* guitar based loopers might have dealt with. 
A few comments:
I often use pitch shifting and 1/2 speed loops to go 1 octave down from traditional guitar, and give my loops "bass parts"
I would like to amplify those low range tones appropriately, so that the final result sounds punchy, clear, but powerful
"Powerful" in my case means that I'd want it to match volume with either a JC-120, or a 30 watt Class A guitar combo.  When/if I'm in a large venue, I'd just mic whatever solution I come up with.
Any experiences, advice, warnings, and even downright scolding are welcome :)  Well, ok, don't scold me.
In the end, I'd like to keep it simple, and am thinking that an active xover in my rack (I have a space left!) could then send a line level guitar signal for my guitar amp (fx loop in), and a line level signal to a bass amp.  I guess the bass amp would not really need a preamp in this case, so if I bought a combo, I think it would need an fx loop.
A few specific things I'm just now researching, but would love to hear about:
Do I go with a bass combo, a clean poweramp+cab, or even a powered sub with a built in crossover?
Are there any combo or head bass amps that have built in crossovers that would therefore amplify only my bass parts and pass the higher (guitar) frequencies at line level?
Recommendations on a good rackmount active crossover?
Recommendations on a clean poweramp and speaker combo to amplify my low end?
THANKS!! in advance!!