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Re: Video Performance lowell southeast asian water festival 8.20.04

Title: Re: Video Performance  lowell southeast asian water festival  8.20.04
Hey Dr. T, How’s it going?

When is this?


ghost 7 | Orange

on 8/19/04 12:04 AM, Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) at emile@foryourhead.com wrote:

Hi folks,

I'll be doing video improvisations with  The
Jambient Project at the end of the Lowell
Southeast Asian Water Festival, which looks
pretty interesting overall.

Lowell Water Festival Directions:

495 or 3 to the lowell connector
Follow connector to the end and take a left (Gorham Street)
Gorham becomes Central Street
After crossing canal, bear right onto Prescott Street
Right onto East Merrimack street
2nd building on your right is Middlesex Community
College (big new looking brick building), the
show is in the back.  There is some parking right
in front, and plenty on the street nearby.

1.       5:30 pm           Traditional Music (CD)

2.       6:00 pm           Introduction by MC and
Event Coordinator, Tooch Van, Special Guests

3.       6:15 pm           Blessing Ceremony

Religious Presentations by Ajahn David Chutiko,
English; Venerable Sao Khon, Khmer; Venerable
Thich Thien Hue, Vietnamese; and Venerable
Mangkone Dhammadharo, Laos.

Followed by Blessing of event.

4.       6:45 pm           Blessing Dance by Somaly Hay & Co.

Dance of Best Wishes:  Also known as the Blessing
Dance, this piece is ritually performed at the
beginning of all events and programs to rid evil
spirits and to bring forth joy and happiness to
the audience.

5.       6:55 pm           Peace Dance

Peace Dance:  Somaly Hay is a Cambodian Court
Dancer trained at the Royal Palace as a young
child.  The art of Cambodian Court dance, as all
the arts of Cambodia, was nearly decimated during
the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970?s.  Most of
the nation?s artists were killed or forced to
flee the country.  In her search for spiritual
understanding of the events of September 11,
Somaly found her sorrow transformed to a feeling
of peace, and was inspired to create this court
dance as an expression of healing.  The intent is
to illustrate the power of the mind, spirit, and
soul in achieving inner peace and tranquility.
?We pray to the highest power - asking for peace
and prosperity.  Our dance is the gift of peace
to all.?  Performed by Somaly, Rithmaly,
Sokphury, Nicole, Brenda, and Sophan.

6.       7:10 pm           Tivea Propei (Glorious Day) Dance

Glorious Day Dance:  The text in the song
accompanying the dance reads as follows: A
glorious day of ours - The children all meet in
solidarity - For friendship all over the world -
Heartedly - not tiring - Living near and far
without worries - Very happy - Solidarity in hand
- Having glory and prosperity during our
celebration - The coutry is properous because we
love our nation.  Performed by a special group of
adopted children from Cambodia: Emma, Sothea,
Srey Dy, James, Lea, and Solinda.

7.       7:20 pm           Laos National Flower Dance by Tamara Phongsavad

                                     This dance is
performed to honor this event with our treasured

8.       7:30 pm           Bopha Lokei (Flower of the World) Dance

Robam Bopha Lokei - Flower of the World Dance:
 The words in the song accompanying this dance
are translated as follows: ?Usually everybody
wants flowers - For decoration or to decorate the
body - The sweet scent of the flowers bring
prosperity - The beauty of the flowers is like
the beauty of the girls - Everybody admires the
flowers - Even the bees surrounding the flowers
want pollen - Flowers fully bloomed make you want
to pick them and turn them into flower garlands.?

9.       7:40 pm           Buong Suong (Wishing) Dance

The Buong Suong Dance is the climax of a ritual
traditionally performed to request the deceased
king to protect the kingdom from drought, hunger,
or other suffering, and to bring peace.
Offerings are made to the four directions prior
to the arrival of the dancers who unify this
world with the celestial abode of the ancestors.

12.     8:00 pm           Blessing of the Canal

                            Mike Wurm, Lowell
National Historical Park Volunteer Coordinator to
give history of the canal system and invite Monks
to Bless the Canal.

13.     8:30 pm           Candle Floats


While facts regarding the origins and intentions
of this ceremony may vary, few would disagree
that it is a joyful and ?generosity-based?
ceremony whose meaning comes from the hearts of
the participants. It is celebrated throughout
South East Asia as well as many Temples in the
West.  The floating candles are normally designed
and constructed by the person for the occasion.
This 21st Century adaptation, while made from
different materials, consists of the traditional
candle, incense and flowers. Before releasing it
upon the river, the person makes an intention, or
prayer, dedicated to loved ones, living or
deceased, wishing for them all the very best of
good health and good fortune.  We suggest that,
no matter what our intention, we might also add a
prayer for our fallen and wounded soldiers and a
prayer for world peace.

Monks are invited by MC to lead the candle
floating procession on canal. Followed by
audience participation.

14.     8:45 pm           The Jambient Project

  "Encompassing elements of dance, classical, rock
and jazz musical styles  as well as ambient
soundscapes, The Jambient Project mixes
musicianship and improvisation with electronic
precision, creating genre busting grooves,
textures and harmonies."