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Re: the good old Mac/PC question (was: looping observation)

There's your ad for Macintosh.  I've had a G4 running since I got it 
using Explorer, Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Mail, Safari, 
iPhoto as well as my music apps Digital Performer 4 and Peak.  They all 
seem to run perfectly (Illustrator sometimes quits, but I'm sure that's 
it's own fault)

Inversely, my IS dept. at work confirms that the Dell boxes running XP 
usually get slicked at least every 6 months when they start running 
wonky.  Most people I work with run Explorer, Outlook and MS office and 
not much else.  Friend's complaints seem to confirm this.  What's up 
with Windows and the need for reinstalling all the time?  Now that 
OS10.3 auto defrags in the background I don't even run a defrag 


On Jul 31, 2004, at 12:53 PM, Tom Ritchford wrote:

>> I am seriously thinking about getting a cheap PC for stage and leave 
>> my loved Mac safely at home. Also because its usually a hassle to 
>> keep switching things if you have only one computer, so the PC I 
>> would only use for playing, hoping that it would be ready for it at 
>> all times...
> if you do this, you'll get great results if you install the minimal 
> software you can, NEVER run Explorer or Outlook (promise me this!) or 
> even never attach it to the net at all except to run the Windows 
> update packages.  I did this more or less and my rather slow cheap PC 
> has continued to run smoothly for over a year with no maintenance.
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