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RE: the good old Mac/PC question

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Matthias Grob wrote in response to:
>No, I"m running OS X which is really stable.

yes, the OS hardly ever crashes. only the apps sometimes do :-( how about
the apps on XP?

----->I have started using Sonar 3 for XP as my sequencer on my laptop live
on gigs.  
I've been using Cakewalk for a decade.  I am using the playlist and Sonar
has a habit of crashing if I try to stop playback too quickly after a song
has started.

He also wrote:
I am seriously thinking about getting a cheap PC for stage and leave my
loved Mac safely at home. Also because its usually a hassle to keep
switching things if you have only one computer, so the PC I would only use
for playing, hoping that it would be ready for it at all times...

------->I had problems with the laptop playing back without rhythmic
I had the drive reformatted, have avoided installing anything but music
apps, and have had no problems with the system
I have never owned a Mac, BTW.  Good luck to Nemo!
Gary "Relay" Lehmann