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Drum Machine solutions

   I've been a lover of drum machines since owned my first Roland CR-78 (the first programmable machine).
What's bothered me is that one gets sick of sounds really quickly.
Consequently,  I think a really good solution is to use something with a lot of prgrammability (and shite sounds)
like the tried and true Alesis SR16 which is fairly inexpensive new at around $150 and then use a sampler
for the sounds. 
These days there are a plethora of old, great sounding samplers that are 16 bit for sale pretty cheap.
It takes a little more work because you have to find sounds, but you are always current.
Then everything changed when I got FLStudio producers edition which is the best drum machine in all history in my opinion and is a very reasonable $149.     It will take any .wav files on your computer but, regrettfully takes either a laptop for live playing or,  a cheap solution.................burn 10 minute tracks onto CD and use a portable CD player at your gig....................you can even loop the sounds off the CD for your tracks.