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looping observation

ola kiddies.....yesterday i spend the entire day resetting up my humble studio and i tried something different.....my 3 footpedals were always arranged left to right: boomerang-digi xp 300-zoom 2100.....that's the way it's always been.....well they are now reversed: zoom-digi-rang.....when i tried to play last evening it was very nicely weird having to think for a second where the rang was, it seemed that that pause made me more aware of what i was actually doing.....a basic case of let's break a habit and see what happens.....no doubt a simple thing but you might want to try it.....michael
p.s. my old puter died the slow and painful death so i got a new one.....i went to the dark side and got a mac.....it came with garage band (fun) and i also got some simple recording programs that i am at a complete loss as how to use: Peak LE 4 (G4+) and Reason Adapted for M-Audio, there is also Live Delta.....i am casting off my LUDDITE attiudes and i am going to learn how to use this stuff, i promise!.....if anyone out there can send me some pointers about this mission please do so, off line of course.....thanks