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RE: Hughes and Kettner Replex

Hi All,

Can anybody put their two cents in here on the following dialog between me and the US Distributor of Hughes and Kettner?  I recently purchased a used H&K Replex locally.  My description of it's behavior is in the following text.

I'd appreciate it if someone can confirm the distributor's sentiments that the Replex IS acting like a normal tape delay would.  Anybody with first hand experience with an actual Echoplex tape delay, and/or a Replex?

My recent agitation/GAS about a manipulatable delay pedal that 'feels' right continues.  I'm just kind of sick of the feel of my DL4, and I thought the Replex would be the shiznit.  Uhhhh.....no.  Another knock on the head that 'modelling' doesn't mean 'real'.  Yesterday, I took a long lunch and tried out the Ibanez Delay/Echo that was recommended on list.  Nice!  Also tried out the EH Memory Man (suggested as 'boring' on list....confirmed IMO), and the Maxon AD999 Analog Delay.  Man....I realized how nice that darn pedal feels.  Soft, spongy delays that feel....well....musical.  Self-oscillation that reacts to turning the knob the way your car reacts to turning the steering wheel...predictable but edgy...like if you gave it a good whack you were going for a spin, but if you played on the edge, you could get a hair or two to move on the back of your neck without losing your life in the deal.  Big empty parking lot, iced over, rear-wheel drive car with judiscous use of the parking brake kinda feel, ya know?

Anyway...sorry for the long post.  Any feedback regarding the Replex is appreciated.  It SOUNDS great.  I was just hoping to make some god-awful noise with it!

best regards,



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> >Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:00:57 -0700
> >To: "Dennis Shepherd"
> >From: rich
> >Subject: RE: Hughes and Kettner Replex
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> >Dennis,
> >
> >Thank you very much for your prompt response. I have never used an
> >actual Echoplex tape delay, so I am going to have to take your word
> >on the 'reset' issue.
> >I have used many analog delays, and I guess I'm accustomed to
> >getting continuous self-oscillation that you can continue mangling
> >for extended periods of time, adding new material and continuing to
> >warp the sound. You can often get good soundscapes after working
> >with a signal for a couple of minutes.
> >
> >In contrast, the Replex only has a very limited movement. I will
> >revisit it again with your suggetions on knowing where the 'reset'
> >happens and not crossing that line.
> >
> >I guess i'm expecting the Replex to act more like an analog delay
> >than a tape delay!
> >
> >Many thanks for your input.
> >
> >best regards,
> >
> >Rich Atkinson
> >
> >
> >>Hi Rich,
> >>
> >>This is exactly how the old Echoplexes worked as well and the Replex was
> >>designed to mimic that as closely as possible. I suggest you get
> >>accustomed to exactly where it resets and then just do not cross that
> >>line so to speak so you can keep the sound going. When you get to a
> >>certain point with the delay time it is to short to carry the sound.
> >>Also, run the feedback knob all the way up for maximum effect. There is
> >>nothing wrong with your unit, it just has limitations with that sound
> >>like the originals tape based echoes.
> >>
> >>Best Regards,
> >>
> >>Dennis Shepherd
> >>
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> >>From: rich [mailto:rich@nvm2c.com]
> >>Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 6:01 PM
> >>To: Dennis Shepherd
> >>Subject: Hughes and Kettner Replex
> >>
> >>Hi Dennis,
> >>
> >>Sorry to bother you, but your name came up as the US Distributor on the
> >>Hughes and Kettner dealers and distributors list on their website.
> >>
> >>I'm in Southern California, and I have just recently purchased a used
> >>H&K Replex. It is in great condition, in the original box. It seems to
> >>function just fine with one exception.
> >>
> >>I know there are dealers in California, but I'm not sure if they would
> >>even have a Replex in stock to compare to, or if they could answer my
> >>question. I have already written to Hughes and Kettner via the website
> >>'contact' page, and no one has even responded to my query.
> >>
> >>My issue with the Replex is this... When turning the feedback knob up to
> >>the point where the unit self-oscillates, you can then turn the delay
> >>time knob to get detuning, wild effects. This is exactly what I bought
> >>the Replex for, to mimic as close as possible tape and analog delay
> >>effects, especially when radically altering the delay time. I use this
> >>method mostly for sound design and loop mangling.
> >>
> >>However, when the Replex tries to do this, it will begin the detuning
> >>when I turn the knob, and then the delay trails will suddenly stop, and
> >>the Replex seems to 'reset' itself. The self-oscillation begins again,
> >>but if I move the time knob again, I can make it 'reset' once again.
> >>
> >>This happens either detuning the delay line slower (longer), or faster
> >>(shorter). And, the faster I move the knob, the quicker the 'reset'
> >>happens. I cannot get a continuous soundscape movement happening by
> >>turning the time knob back and forth. It constantly resets.
> >>
> >>Although the unit seems to function just fine as a standard delay at a
> >>single setting, I find the unit unuseable to do any sort of sound
> >>mangling, which was what I wanted to do with the unit. I can find
> >>analog delays for about the same price as the Replex, but my research
> >>led me to believe that the Replex was the best sounding tape delay
> >>emulator available. I certainly hope this is not how the unit operates
> >>as normal, or I will definitely have to try to sell it for another
> >>alternative.
> >>
> >>Could you please tell me if this is the performance I can expect from
> >>the Replex, or is the unit faulty in some way? If you cannot answer the
> >>question, could you please lead me in the appropriate direction to ask
> >>someone who is knowlegeable about the Replex? If the unit is faulty, do
> >>you have any idea on who would repair it?
> >>
> >>Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
> >>
> >>Best Regards,
> >>
> >>Rich Atkinson