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Re: EH 16 second manual online...

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Jon Wagner wrote:
> At the same time, I'm sure that all kinds of creative people are going to
> figure out real quick how to make this thing sing.   They have the 
> of not wasting time worrying about how accurately it recreates the sound 
> the "old one" and more time to delight in the here and now.  'Course, I 
> getting into the finer points like this as much as any GAS afflicted
> musician.

LOL! My point exactly!

My quibble is EH and dealers are advertising this as *exactly* the same
sound as the original. It's not. It doesn't even operate the same as the
original (Bars vs time as just one MAJOR difference) 

It's an amazing piece of gear so why not let it stand on it's own legs
(buttons)?  Why lie?  

I have plenty or "virtual" analog gear. I have plenty of 1970s opriginal
analog modular synthesizers too. That doesn't stop me from recognizing the
originality and benenfits fo using something liek a modern rompler or Nord
Modualr when I feel like it. I wish sales teams would have a little more
respect for the buyer sometimes. Granted not everyone is as edicated as
the average Looper's Delight member (!) but still there's not reason to
hype something to the point of falsehood.

Just my $999.99 list price.


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