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Re: EH 16 second manual online...

hmmm...veddee interestink.
i'm not sure just by holding the loop info even when turned off denotes
digital(i could be wrong and i'll eat a bug).
for instance the <lofi loop junkee> is analog and yet holds its info
fo'ever.(if i'm readin it rite :-)


> from the link legion sent:
> "after recording a loop, the 16 Second will automatically save the loop 
> its Magna Storage and keep it there. You can turn the power off, come 
> the next day and Play or Overdub the loop as if you never turned the 16
> Second off."
> This simple statement says to me that it can't be the original
> bucket-brigade analog delay, but rather a digital recreation/simulation 
> it.
> Jon