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Re:Insert mode questions

At 07:49 29/06/04, you wrote:
>I was a little surprised that you can't do an unquantized insert, such
>as starting with a loop of 10 seconds, insert 2, and end up with a loop
>of 12 seconds.  Perhaps not very musically useful,

pretty much essential if the EDP isn't synced to a device
that gives you the timing.

>  but it seemed like
>a curious omission given the mayhem you can accomplish with
>Unrounded Multiply.  Is this because it complicates synchronization?

As you realised later, InsertMode=SUS does this.

But it's also possible to end the Insert with Record,
just the same as for Multiply.

 >The manual states "When Quantize=On, a press of the Insert button
 >will cause insertion to start at the beginning of the next cycle".

 >Quantize has three "on" values: cycle, sub-cycle, and loop.  When
 >starting an Insert, are all three of these treated as if they
 >were "cycle", or is it possible to quantize the beginning
 >of an insert to a sub-cycle or loop?

Yes, that's a fault in the manual.
In Loop3 there was only Quant=CYC ( or OFF),
it seems that sentence  didn't get updated to cover the new
8th Quant and LoopQuant  were a very late addition to the loop4 features,
all functions that are "quantisable" are affected by these.

andy butler.