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Insert mode questions

First, I'd like to thank everyone for the responses to my undo questions,
they were very illuminating!

These next questions concern Insert mode.

Say I record a loop of 10 seconds, on replay I start an Insert on
second 2 and end it on second 3.  Quantization and Round Mode are both off.
I'm now in this mode where 8 seconds of silence are being "recorded"
to pad the insert out to a cycle boundary.

What can you do while this is happening?  I'm assuming you can initiate
other functions such as NextLoop, but that they would not be processed
until after the insert is finished.  What about Undo, would I have
to wait 8 seconds to cancel the insert or would that happen immediately?

The manual states "When Quantize=On, a press of the Insert button
will cause insertion to start at the beginning of the next cycle".

Quantize has three "on" values: cycle, sub-cycle, and loop.  When
starting an Insert, are all three of these treated as if they
were "cycle", or is it possible to quantize the beginning
of an insert to a sub-cycle or loop?

I was a little surprised that you can't do an unquantized insert, such
as starting with a loop of 10 seconds, insert 2, and end up with a loop
of 12 seconds.  Perhaps not very musically useful, but it seemed like
a curious omission given the mayhem you can accomplish with
Unrounded Multiply.  Is this because it complicates synchronization?

Thanks again,
Jeff Larson