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LOOPING in the MEDIA: a new thread?

Today I was at the local independent bookstore and I spotted this article
on the cover of Performing Songwriter Magazine:   HOW TO GET LOOPED
by Craig Anderton.

It was a pretty good three page article for a beginner on what's out there
in the
software world for looping.

It wasn't oriented towards live looping or hardware solutions per se, but I
think it is very significant that a traditionally acoustic and 'organic'
journal like Performing Songwriter is writing about the whole notion of
Looping.  Made me smile at least.

I thought this might be a cool thread as well.     Would everybody be into
pulling out any mention of the looping phenomenae in the press and send it
It would be a good coalescence and a great resource to point future
towards for publicity for future gigs.

I've noticed in my interviews with press, radio and television people that
any time I can mention
a major article or interview that it legitimizes the things I say to them.
They definitely perk up
at the mention of these things.

We could send the information in an easily coalatable format:   something
this, perhaps:

name of journal:        Performing Songwriter Magazine
date and  issuance info:     June 2004-  Volume 11-- Issue #76
title:         "HOW TO GET LOOPED"
                "Everything you ever needed to know
                    about looping programs and formats"
author:        Craig Anderton
synopsis:   3 page synpopsis of software looping and editing tools 
for loop creation

here's the same criteria if anyone wants to cut and paste it in a

name of journal:

date and  issuance info: