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"HsAcNoStEtN: live in the studio" playing on local public access

well, my program played today and i got a tape of it, haven't watched it yet, except for a little bit at the end just to hear if the sound was ok after coming through cable and then recording it to vcr, and lo and behold it sounded ok. will watch the full 1/2 hr program later today. someday hope to have a cheap digital camera and capability to edit to digital format, and then making programs will be much easier. oh well that's far down the road.
anyway, my first "live looping program" is playing locally (iowa city, ia), guess we'll see what happens.
might have to start thinking of project #2, since all of project #1 was an experiment to see if i could even do it.....i sort of feel like the looping wayne and garth, ug, ha....

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